What Makes Lexington So Special?

If you are like most people who like to travel, the first thing you do before you travel, or decide whether or not to travel, to a particular place is to determine what the USP or the Unique Selling Proposition of that place is.

If you are unfamiliar with USP, it is a term in the advertising industry that refers to a brand’s unique selling point, or that particular something that the competition does not have and that would attract buyers. IF you are like most travelers, you are probably wondering what Lexington’s USP is, or what makes it worth your time.

Well, you would be glad to know that there are two different things that you will find in that city in Kentucky that you will not find (with 100% certainty) in other places in the United States. And what are these two things? The bourbon and the horses.

All racehorse enthusiasts know that the best celebrities horses in the country are being pampered in Lexington and they enjoy special accommodations and treatment to get them ready for the next match. The good thing about it is that it is open to the public and so if you want to have your picture taken with these four-legged celebrities, you can do so. Nobody is going to stop you.

But even if you are not fond of celebrity horses, you will find a special park in the city that is dedicated to everything related to horses. There you will find fifty different breeds of horses as well as displays and presentations.

Of course, you don’t travel to Lexington just because of the horses; you also travel there because you also want to pay homage to the bourbon.

The bourbon is a special hard liquor that has its share of loyal fans, and if you are one of these fans, you will be in heaven as you make your way to the different bourbon distillers. They are open to the public, at least certain parts of their facility are, and you can have a taste of this drink straight from the brew.

Of course, there are other things about Lexington that make it so special, for now, though, the horses and the bourbon are enough to draw in crowds.

If we just convinced you to make travel plans to Lexington, there are many websites out there that can help you make your travel smooth. They publish extensive local information that you can use to map out your trip.