What Are Some Interesting Things To Do In Lexington, Kentucky?

Whether you live in Lexington or are just planning a vacation, there are plenty of fun and exciting activities in the area to keep you busy. With a population of just over 300,000 people, this midsized city has a lot to offer regarding entertainment.

It goes without saying that horse racing should be on your list. Kentucky is the major hub of horse racing in the US. As a result, there are many incredible tracks that you can visit in the Lexington area. Try checking out Keeneland for live horse racing. If you just want to learn more about horses, a trip to the Kentucky Horse Park is in order. This park features horse-drawn tours, a museum, and access to just about any type of information about horses that you could imagine.

If you are looking for something a little bit different to do, try checking out the Aviation Museum of Kentucky. This small museum features a variety of interesting aircraft and has helpful tour guides to show you around the facility. A visit to this museum can be a great way to learn a little bit more about the history of flight and to see some of the incredible machines that have taken to the air over the years.

The University of Kentucky Art Museum is a wonderful place to visit if you love art. They have a permanent exhibit along with rotating exhibits that are regularly changed. You can find out more about what type of art is currently showing on their website. The exhibits range from paintings and drawings to decorative arts and photographs, making it a great way to take in a variety of different art forms all in one place.

This part of the country also has a rich and interesting history. Some of the historic sites that you may want to visit include the Waveland State Historic Site, Ashland, and the Mary Todd Lincoln House.

The Lexington area offers a lot of fun and interesting things to do. This list barely scratches the surface. The longer you are in the area, the more you can explore the diverse range of activities that this city has to offer. Don’t hesitate to talk to the locals, either. People who live in the area are very friendly and are more than willing to suggest fun things do to anyone who happens to be visiting the city.